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Whole-Building Energy Data Access Available in Georgia

Last month, Georgia Power launched its Automated Benchmarking Tool (ABT) to provide commercial and multifamily property owners with electricity usage data. The tool helps property owners, aggregate their building’s usage data into a single virtual meter that can be used in Portfolio Manager to generate your benchmark score.

The Southern Environmental Law Center and The Greenlink Group, together with the Energy Efficiency for All Georgia Coalition (EEFA-GA) members NHT and Southface, worked closely with Georgia Power to help inform the development of the ABT, promoting ease of use for multifamily owners and managers, and ensuring compatibility with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.

ABT allows property owners track the energy usage of their properties, and make data-driven investments in energy efficiency that can lower operating expenses, free up capital for other building improvements, maintain affordable rents, and improve the health and comfort of residents.

EEFA, a collaboration between the National Housing Trust, Natural Resources Defense Council, Energy Foundation, and Elevate Energy, brings together expertise in affordable housing, energy efficiency, community development, finance, and utility engagement to increase energy efficiency investments in states’ affordable multifamily housing.

If you’ve signed up for data access through the ABT in Georgia, please feel free to provide feedback to Dana Bartolomei, NHT Housing and Energy Efficiency Associate and EEFA-GA lead.