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Arthur Smith

Public Engagement

Arthur Smith joined the National Housing Trust in 2017. As a Community Organizer, Arthur helps connect and mobilize residents of NHT-owned and non-NHT-owned properties, developers, property owners, property managers and other affordable housing advocates to push for progressive affordable housing legislation at the federal level. Prior to joining the Trust, Arthur volunteered with a local advocacy group, Jews United for Justice.

Arthur graduated from Allegheny College in 2012 and completed a master’s degree in public policy from George Washington University in 2016. During graduate school, Arthur worked for the United States Department of Education, the Partnership for Public Service, and the National Education Association.  Prior to attending graduate school, Arthur was living in Baltimore, MD, where he was a community organizer working on issues of energy conservation and environmental sustainability in East and West Baltimore. In addition, Arthur worked as a navigator for Healthcare Access Maryland, helping individuals acquire health insurance through the affordable care act. In 2012, Arthur Spent five months in Florida, working as an organizer for President Obama’s reelection campaign.


Office: 202-333-8931*144