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NHT Updates

NHT Welcomes Priya Jayachandran as New President 1.9.2018

Effective February 1, 2018, Jayachandran will succeed NHT’s long‐time President, Michael Bodaken.

Opportunity360: Start Measuring Opportunity in Your Area 11.13.2017

Introducing Opportunity360: a comprehensive approach to understanding and addressing community challenges by identifying pathways to greater opportunities using cross-sector data, community engagement and measurement tools.

Save One Million Affordable Homes! 11.13.2017

Both the House and Senate bills also miss an opportunity to strengthen the Housing Credit by including the program modifications contained in the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act.

Who runs the affordable housing world? Women! 11.13.2017

October was a great month for recognition of women who advocate for housing as organizations awarded honors to policy makers whose steadfast work keeps our communities affordable and sustainable.

Innovation Grant Supports College and Job Readiness for D.C. Teens 11.13.2017

Affordable housing is key to helping families achieve some financial stability. That’s why NHT-Enterprise is excited to announce its WorkFirst Initiative, which focuses on building job and college readiness skills for our teenage residents in Washington, D.C.

Vote for NHT’s Save HUD 202 video in the Storymakers Competition 11.13.2017

The National Housing Trust is currently competing in a TechSoup competition entitled: Storymakers 2017. The competition invites non-profit organizations from across the world to submit a storytelling video and we ask that you please vote for NHT’s Save HUD 202 Rally Video!