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NHT Updates

New Video Series: Meet the NHT Team 5.24.2018

Introducing a collection of staff profiles from NHT. Each video includes a fun Q&A with a team member, providing a glimpse into the diverse personalities of everyone in the NHT family!

Don’t Throw Your Trash Where the Fish Splash 5.21.2018

Few of us routinely think about our personal actions and the quality of our watershed. Why would we? We’re all busy, wrapped up in our daily lives. We don’t consider the impact of the bottle we saw on the ground, the trash that blew by or the soap we used to wash our car. Even though we may not be aware, our actions have a tremendous impact on the quality of stormwater.

Preserving America’s Affordable Rental Housing: The CRA Case 5.21.2018

Preserving affordable rental housing is critical to addressing America’s housing affordability crisis and promoting economic opportunity. Preservation success depends upon policy innovation, mission and low-cost financing. Through the Community Reinvestment Act, banks can play an essential and profitable role in housing preservation.

Keeping Energy Efficiency on the Table 5.21.2018

There’s an expression: “If You’re Not at the Table, You’re on the Menu.” So, what does that have to do with advocating for energy efficiency in affordable housing? Quite a bit, actually.

NHT-Enterprise Spring Update: Acquisitions and Awards! 5.21.2018

NHT-Enterprise has had an exciting spring thus far!

Our Homes, Our Voices Week of Action Recap 5.21.2018

Congratulations to the Campaign for Housing and Community Development Funding (CHCDF) for another amazing Our Homes, Our Voices Affordable Housing Week of Action, calling for greater investments in affordable homes and in our communities! Thanks to all our local partners who participated and put on wonderful events across the country.