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Where will We Live?

Raising the voices of those who need to be heard

Resources for affordable housing are at great risk. We need to change the way we advocate, develop a more effective strategy and build a broader coalition beyond traditional housing stakeholders. 

That's why, in 2017 NHT in partnership with Enterprise Community Partners as well as People's Action, launched a special effort to elevate housing issues at the federal, state and local level using an grassroots campaign strategy entitled: "Where Will We Live."

By raising the voices of residents, developing new messaging, creating cross-sector partnerships, and identifying new champions, we will amplify the call for additional and integrated funding to serve the most vulnerable residents and be better positioned to advocate for the needs of low-income households.

Together, we will secure resources for affordable housing and help low-income families move out of poverty and live in affordable, quality, healthy homes that provide them with access to opportunity. 

This work is made possible thanks to the generous support of the JPB Foundation as well as Funders for Housing Opportunity (FHO).

For more information about Where Will We Live, please contact NHT Communications Coordinator Halley Henry.

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