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Asset Management

Asset Management OfficeOur Long-Term Commitment

We take the stewardship of our real estate assets seriously. Strong asset management is critical to the preservation of affordable housing.  Our Asset Management team is intimately involved with each property owned by NHT Communities.  From the early days of pre-development and throughout our ownership, the Asset Management staff provides oversight to ensure the success of each property.  During the development phase of a property, Asset Management is actively engaged with Development staff to provide input on management and operations to ensure each property’s continual success. 

Once a property is stabilized, the Asset Management team assumes our stewardship and ownership role with attentiveness and clear direction.  This ensures each property is well-maintained and financially sound. 

As part of our management strategy, we strive to integrate community, resident, lender and investor expectations.  As we look to the future, our Asset Management team regularly monitors property performance and establishes long-term goals to ensure each property is physically and financial strong and positioned to remain affordable.

When you choose to work with NHT Communities, you are choosing an active partner with long-term strategies for success.


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