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Community Solar


Save Money. Go Green. Do Good. 

Subscriptions are now available for its Rhode Island Row community solar array!


Become a Community Solar Subscriber Today!

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1. Determine Your Eligibility

All District of Columbia residents with a Pepco bill are eligible to become community solar subscribers. Renters and homeowners alike can take advantage of this opportunity

2. Complete the Pre-Sign Up Form

To reserve your spot as a subscriber, click here and complete the pre-signup form. You will need to have your Pepco account number accessible. When it's time to complete the formal signup process, you'll receive an email from NHT IP directing you to the online portal.

3. Start Receiving Pepco Discounts

NHT IP is currently working hard building the community solar array on top of Rhode Island Row Apartments (located in Northeast D.C.). The array will be fully operational in the fall of 2019. Once the array is operational, you will begin receiving Community Net Metering Credits (CNM credits) on your monthly Pepco bill. You'll notice the balance due on your PEPCO bill will be much smaller. Community solar subscribers can expect to see approximately 80% of their monthly electricity consumption offset by solar.

4. Pay Your New Community Solar Bill

You will start receiving a new community solar electricity bill from NHT IP via the online portal. NHT IP will bill you for 95% of the value of the credit appearing on your monthly Pepco bill. This leaves you with a 5% discount each month for the solar power you are allocated. During the formal enrollment process, you will be directed to set up a monthly automatic payment using either ACH or credit/debit card.

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What is Community Solar?

In 2013 The Council of the District of Columbia passed the Community Renewable Energy Act of 2013 passed a law allowing residents in D.C. to benefit from solar power even if it is not on their own rooftop. A concept called Community Net Metering allows D.C. residents to benefit from renewable energy production. Residents are able to purchase a subscription for a portion of electricity generated from a Community Renewable Energy Facility or CREF. A customer will receive a credit on Pepco bills for their share of the CREF's energy production.

Who is NHT Ingenuity Power?

NHT Ingenuity Power (NHT IP) is a joint venture between the National Housing Trust and Urban Ingenuity. Together NHT IP has a strong track record of developing, financing and owning solar assets across the country. In 2018 NHT IP participated in D.C.'s Solar for All program and installed 1.4 Megawatts of solar on top of affordable multifamily properties in The District. This installation is currently the largest scattered site solar project in D.C. on top of affordable housing. NHT IP has over 6 Megawatts of solar in its 2019 pipeline.

Why subscribe to Community Solar?

The increasing costs of energy are burdensome for all D.C. residents, especially those who are low-income. Your participation in this community solar project will not only save you money by earning a 5% discount off the CNM Credit, but also enable NHT IP to provide 50 low-income families with a 25% discount off their monthly energy costs. Participation in the Rhode Island Row project will also help D.C. become a leader in clean energy and support the local economy.

  1. Earn a 5% discount on monthly electricity costs

  2. Support clean solar power in your community

  3. Help reduce energy bills for low-income residents in D.C.

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