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Data Collection and Analysis

Skyview Ribbon Cutting
Ribbon cutting ceremony at NHT-Enterprise-owned Skyview Park Apartments

Without sufficient data to understand which properties are most at risk, it’s impossible to target resources effectively or be prepared to act when a property is threatened. In response, states and localities are creating data systems to collect, analyze and share data on at-risk housing. Below are only a few examples of a number of communities that have created their own database. For more information about  other state and local preservation databases, please visit PrezCat.

  • The DC Preservation Catalog is a database of assisted housing in the District of Columbia maintained by NeighborhoodInfo DC and the Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development.
  • The Affordable Housing Database was developed by The Ohio Preservation Compact as a comprehensive web-accessible database of all federally subsidized properties.
  • Preserve Oregon Housing’s Preservation Database was developed by Oregon’s Housing Acquisition Project and is maintained by a team of high level housing industry experts from the public, nonprofit, and private sectors who meet regularly.
  • The National Housing Preservation Database was developed by the National Low Income Housing Coalition and the Public and Affordable Housing Research Corporation to provide communities across the country with the information they need to effectively preserve their stock of public and affordable housing.