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Federally Assisted Affordable Housing

The project-based Section 8 program is a public-private partnership which provides rental assistance for 1.2 million low income and very low-income households across the country. Without federal housing assistance, at least 68 of every 100 currently assisted families would have worst-case housing needs. 

More than 56% of these households include a family member with a disability or who is elderly and the average income of these households is less than $12,000. 

In regards to the economy, privately owned properties with project-based Section 8 assistance generate $460 million in property taxes for local municipalities annually and directly support 55,000 jobs.

Project-based Section 8 assistance allows seniors to live in the communities they helped to build, provides modest homes for residents who cannot work because of injury or disability, and offers a foundation to build on to young families who are just starting out or who are struggling with our slow economy. 

If this assistance is withdrawn, it is likely that more than 810,000 families currently occupying these assisted units would have worst-case housing needs.

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