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Community Solar: Subscribe Today!

Subscriptions are now available for NHT Ingenuity Power’s (NHT IP) first community solar project in the District of Columbia. In partnership with Solar Renewable Energy, NHT IP will soon break ground on a solar system that is just shy of 1 MW at Rhode Island Row in North East D.C. Located just off the Rhode Island Avenue metro station, Rhode Island Row is a modern mixed-use transit-oriented community. The 1 MW solar installation features two large solar canopies over top of the communities parking structures, as well as some classic roof top solar. NHT IP is excited to continue its partnership with Urban Atlantic, owner of Rhode Island Row, to provide community solar benefits to low-income families in the District.

Community solar subscriptions will be available to any D.C. resident with a PEPCO account.  The Rhode Island Row community solar project will enable 322 D.C. renters and homeowners to sign up for subscriptions to the project and receive the benefits of solar energy without the hassle, cost, or maintenance of traditional rooftop solar. Groundswell’s Share Power program will also allow Rhode Island Row project participants to “share power” with their neighbors who need a little help. This means 66 income-qualified Empowered customers will benefit from no-cost subscriptions, saving each local family nearly $500 on their annual electricity bill. By sharing power and reducing utility bills, the Rhode Island Row project will provide energy-burdened DC families more money for the essentials - groceries, school supplies, healthcare costs, and more, even as this project builds a cleaner, healthier, and more resilient D.C. community for us all. The Rhode Island Row project represents just the start of NHT IP’s plans to develop community solar both in DC and across the country. Building off the success of its inaugural project in 2018, which currently provides $90,000 of benefits annually to low-income communities in D.C, NHT IP has an additional 3 MW of community solar in its pipeline for the coming year. Community solar is a key component of the National Housing Trust’s mission to provide low-income families housing in quality neighborhoods with access to opportunities.

NHT Ingenuity Power invites its newsletter recipients to become subscribers to the Rhode Island Row project.

For more information please visit our community solar page