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EEFA Makes Big Splash in Energy Efficient Multifamily Housing Landscape

Thanks to the advocacy of the National Housing Trust and our Energy Efficiency for All (EEFA) partners, more than 100,000 affordable apartments have received energy efficiency upgrades!

The National Housing Trust joined the Natural Resources Defense Council, Energy Foundation, and Elevate Energy to launch Energy Efficiency for All (EEFA) in 2014 in response to a troubling injustice: the lack of affordable and healthy homes available to low-income renters.  Since then, we have been joined by nearly 50 state and local partners from diverse sectors and backgrounds, including housing, energy efficiency, environmental, health, and community leaders, to collectively make multifamily homes healthier and more affordable through energy and water efficiency. Together, our coalition partners advocate for policies and practices to ensure that utilities and state, local, and federal agencies invest in the health and efficiency of affordable multifamily homes and advance proven best practices in program design and implementation. Together, we’re meeting the needs of affordable housing building owners and residents.

EEFA’s advocacy has led to nearly $500 million in new funding for efficiency upgrades and 19 new or improved energy efficiency programs that specifically serve affordable multifamily housing. More than 100,000 affordable apartments have received upgrades via these programs, benefitting an estimated 200,000+ low-income renters.

For more about EEFA, its mission, current projects, and impact, visit the NEW website,!


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