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Every Person Counts: Census 2020

By Selena Duvivier

Making its 24th debut, the 2020 U.S. Census will seek to officially count every person in the U.S. on April 1st, 2020. For the first time, this incredible task will be performed mostly via an online platform.

Historically, polling every person in the United States has presented a variety of challenges, particularly for low-income families whom are among the least likely to be counted. A contentious “immigration question” and the need for internet access to complete the census this year only exacerbates these challenges. NHT recognizes these increased barriers and is taking action to promote an accurate census representation.

As part of a Washington, D.C. initiative to eliminate challenges and barriers associated with an accurate census count, NHT has developed a two-prong approach focused on education, outreach and accessibility.

NHT is uniquely positioned to inform low-income residents of the importance of the Census as well as educate them on the completion process. With the help of our property managers, resident service coordinators and tenant associations engagement with residents, there are numerous touchpoints and interactions that allow for a conversation around the upcoming Census.

To further eliminate barriers that could prevent participation, NHT will also provide internet and computer access for our D.C. residents to complete the 2020 Census in addition to administrative and language support.

Multifamily Owners Unique Access

NHT should not be alone in this effort. All property owners and managers can utilize trusted community leaders and onsite staff to provide accurate and reliable information on the census. As property owners, we are positioned to provide information on the importance of the census and to address the logistical challenges and barriers associated with census completion.

Advocating for our residents’ success is a primary focus for our resident service coordinators and tenant associations, and part of that success is supported by federal programs. It is vital that the Census provides an accurate count and survey of the communities that depend on these programs, which is why Census representation has become one focus of our 2020 resident services workplan. 

With the bevy of challenges and barriers already experienced by families living in our communities, NHT is committed to ensuring resident access to the 2020 Census is not an additional one.

For more information on NHT’s 2020 Census initiatives, contact NHT Resident Services VISTA, Selena Duvivier.