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Final GOTV Push

As we near election day on November 6 (exactly two weeks away!), NHT is in the midst of our final Get out the Vote (GOTV) push to residents.

Over the last several months, NHT implemented a portfolio-wide nonpartisan GOTV initiative at NHT-Enterprise properties in 12 states. Starting with registration deadline reminders for the primary elections and culminating with reminders of election day, NHT engaged with residents consistently to ensure all eligible voters can make it to the polls and cast a ballot on November 6, regardless of party affiliation.

Limitations on 501c(3) Advocacy

Now is not a time for nonprofits to remain silent. Remember, nonprofits can mobilize within certain boundaries. For more details on how nonprofits can and can’t engage, refer to Halley Henry’s previous article: Nonprofits CAN take a stand, and are positioned to do so.