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Message to the Biden Administration: Support the GREAHT Proposal

On March 31st, the Biden Administration released the American Jobs Plan. The National Housing Trust applauds President Biden for including in the plan funding to build, preserve, and retrofit more than one million “affordable, resilient, accessible, energy efficient, and electrified” homes, and incentives for state and local governments to eliminate exclusionary zoning and harmful land use policies. We strongly support the plan’s prioritization of addressing long-standing and persistent racial injustice by targeting 40 percent of climate and clean infrastructure benefits to disadvantaged communities.

NHT and the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy have developed a complementary proposal to provide grants and loans to affordable rental housing owners to upgrade their buildings' energy-efficiency and resiliency. Our Green, Resilient, Efficient, and Affordable Homes for Tenants (GREAHT) proposal would invest $75 billion over ten years to:                     

Eligible measures include energy-efficient and water conservation equipment; renewable energy, including solar panels and battery storage; electrification measures such as super-efficient heat pumps; health and safety improvements; and resilience measures such as flood-proofing. Funding will be administered competitively by HUD and state HFAs to promote geographic, social, racial, and economic equity.

We urge the Biden Administration to include our GREAHT proposal and its promise of affordable, sustainable, resilient, and healthy communities as an integral part of the American Jobs Plan.

Click here to learn more about the GREAHT proposal, and please contact Ellen Lurie Hoffman for more information or to share your feedback.

Thank you.