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NHT’s Where Will We Live? Continues Critical Work

For the past year, the Where Will We Live? (WWWL) team, comprised of the National Housing Trust and Enterprise Community Partners, has raised the voices of low-income residents of affordable housing through video storytelling. With an additional year of funding from the Funders for Housing and Opportunity (FHO) secured earlier this month, the team is excited to expand the work and broaden the impact.

WWWL is a national campaign aimed at securing resources for federal housing policy, engaging and lifting the voice of low-income residents, and developing new cross-sector champions for affordable housing policy. Today, we have a robust video story gallery, with more in the pipeline, and a network of cross-sector partners from related sectors such as education, health, and the environment.

With that groundwork in place, the WWWL team will continue to distribute the stories and mobilize residents and cross-sector partners in order to elevate their voices. We are partnering with housing, health and education organizations as well as local media to distribute the stories and raise the voices of low-income residents. We are developing a best practices guide to help affordable property owners use video storytelling to raise the voices of their residents.

This year, we will host a cross sector housing forum in Ohio and a resident leadership workshop in South Florida. The Ohio housing forum will bring together residents, community stakeholders, and experts from other sectors for a conversation on federal housing policy and its impact on local housing issues. The resident leadership workshop in South Florida will gather community leaders from low-income communities for a training and empowerment session focused on spearheading community change and navigating the policy landscape.

For more information on Where Will We Live? or to partner with us on this work, please contact NHT Communications and Fundraising Manager, Halley Henry.