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NHT Communities Wins 2019 Vision Awards

This week, the Committee of 100 on the Federal City awarded NHT Communities (formerly NHT-Enterprise) the 2019 Vision Award for high-achievement in reasonable planning, land-use and design in developing affordable communities in the Washington, DC area.

The Committee of 100’s annual Vision Awards recognize a wide range of projects, programs, plans, and the work of organizations and individuals that fulfill a vision of a beautiful and livable city for all people. Since its founding in 1923, the Committee of 100 on the Federal City has championed responsible planning and land use to protect Washington, DC's cultural richness, natural beauty, livability and historic distinction as the Nation’s Capital.

The Committee of 100 will honor NHT Communities for their achievement at the 2019 Vision Awards Ceremony program on May 29th.

For more information on NHT Communities’ or our award-properties, please contact NHT Senior Vice President, Scott Kline.