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Where Will We Live? Looking Ahead to 2019

The National Housing Trust and Enterprise Community Partners came together in 2017 to elevate our residents’ voices to champion housing issues at the federal, state and local level through the Where Will We Live campaign. These compelling narratives highlight how affordable housing directly impacts the lives of low-income families.

Last year, the Where Will We Live engagement team traveled to 51 low-income housing properties in 15 states to interview residents across the country about the importance of affordable housing. We met to more than 150 residents and community members and collected stories from single mothers, seniors, veterans, formerly homeless, and many others who have faced difficult situations and housing instability. Each had to ask themselves the same question – “Where Will We Live if funding for affordable housing programs is cut?”

Looking ahead, our goal is to expand the reach of these stories; to lift the voices of those single mothers, veterans, formerly homeless and the countless others who depend on affordable housing programs to keep them safe, healthy and stable.

With nearly 20 stories published and more than 150 in the pipeline, we need the help of our partners, friends and other advocates to expand the reach of these important stories. Captured both in video and PDF format, the compelling stories of these residents are ready to be shared on websites, email, social media, conferences, roundtables and in-person meetings.

Join us as we raise the voices of the low-income families who depend on affordable housing programs each and every day. Share their stories.