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The "Where Will We Live?" Storytelling Toolkit is now available

The Where Will We Live? Resident Storytelling Tool Kit is officially available for download!

When Where Will We Live? launched in 2017, we wanted to. highlight the importance of affordable housing by elevating resident voices. We traveled across the country interviewing nearly 200 residents and community members about their experiences with affordable housing and how access to federal housing assistance helps residents access greater economic opportunity, health care, supportive services, and education. Across their varied backgrounds and experiences, one element was prevalent in each story: Stable, affordable housing made a positive impact upon each individual and the community in which he or she lived.

The stories in the Where Will We Live? gallery paint a vivid picture that helps to explain a complicated issue, demonstrating that a well-documented story can change perspectives and inspire action through empathy and shared experiences. We want other housing advocates to be able to do the same.

Click here to learn how to incorporate resident storytelling into your 2020 communication strategy.

This contents within this toolkit will provide communicators help with the following:

  • Storytelling basics: how to develop an audience, key message, and framework for stories;
  • Tools, methods, and resources for collecting stories;
  • Establishing relationships to collect resident stories; and
  • Producing and distributing stories for outreach and communications efforts.

Storytelling provides a compelling personal perspective to complement hard facts and data. We hope that this guide will help you effectively include the resident narrative within your communications efforts. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Campaign Media Organizer, Tai Coates via

Click here to download the Storytelling Toolkit.
Click to download PDF.