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Policy Innovation

Advancing federal, state, and local policies to create equitable and sustainable communities by safeguarding our nation's affordable homes.

The National Housing Trust advances federal, state, and local policies that create equitable and sustainable communities by safeguarding our nation's affordable homes. We work with our partners to preserve and improve affordable multifamily rental housing by:

  • Providing research and analysis on our nation's at-risk affordable homes;

  • Shaping legislation and policy implementation to protect existing housing resources;

  • Documenting successful, cost effective and replicable affordable housing preservation state and local policy solutions;

  • Expanding and improving utility energy efficiency programs to drive large-scale efficiency investments in affordable multifamily buildings;

  • Leading a coalition of affordable housing preservation advocates and practitioners known as the Preservation Working Group; and

  • Jointly leading a powerful collaboration to introduce private and public energy efficiency investment into affordable housing.



What is Preservation?
What is affordable housing preservation and why is it important?
Federally Assisted Affordable Housing
Information about Federally Assisted Affordable Housing
Low Income Housing Tax Credits
Information on Housing Credits
Information on NHT's involvement in the Energy Efficiency for All collaboration
Access to Opportunity
Learn about NHT's Opportunity Fund
State & Local Preservation Initiatives
A snapshot of our work on the state and local level
National Preservation Catalog
Explore state & local preservation policies and programs:
Preservation Working Group
A network of affordable housing leaders with a mission in preservation
Where Will We Live?
Learn more about NHT's national community engagement and storytelling campaign
Building Performance Standards
New Tools for Reducing Emissions in Existing Buildings