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Resident Services

Child learning

NHT Communities passionately believes that as an affordable housing developer, we must make investments in the personal capacity of our residents to help move their communities and families forward. Our Resident Services, which we like to call Community Development Programs, take place onsite within the community and are designed to: promote positive health outcomes; improve the financial capacity of residents; build job skills; and offer opportunities for learning and civic engagement. Our community development programs are guided by the following principles: 




Guiding Principles


I) Affordable housing serves as a platform for family economic stability and is key to improving personal finances, building marketable job skills, and closing the achievement gap. 

chartProgram Goals: 

  • Raise expectations for academic excellence and create a college-going culture in our communities
  • Ensure that all NHT Communities children are reading proficient by the third grade
  • Create college, training and career pathways for young adults living in our communities
  • Promote STEM education to complement the organization’s sustainability work and promote academic rigor
  • Maximize participation in the earned income tax credit campaign
  • Support innovative pilots (e.g. PNC Bank, Dinner-Taxes-and a Movie, WorkFirst University) that strengthen family economic stability

II) Resident involvement and leadership development are key to stabilizing low-income neighborhoods.

Program Goals:

  • Build tenant capacity to respond to community issues
  • Encourage active PTA involvement on every site
  • Help residents explore leadership positions on the property and community
  • Maximize voter registration on all properties with the assistance of non-partisan organizations
  • Develop resident advisory councils to inform and support program and policy objectives for the organization
  • Create leadership opportunities for youth through community service

III) Housing is fundamental to promoting positive health outcomes.

Program Goals: 

  • Address food security needs on all properties
  • Develop urban gardens on all properties
  • Host routine health screenings onsite for dental needs and chronic diseases
  • Host occasional workshops on diet and exercise, chronic disease management, domestic violence, and smoking cessation
  • Help seniors age safely in place.