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Kathleen Berube

Sustainable Development Manager

Kathleen Berube joined the National Housing Trust in 2016 and now serves as the National Housing Trust's Sustainable Development Manager. Kathleen supports NHT-Enterprise’s real estate development team to scope out the energy and water efficiency component of renovation projects, brings new financing into development projects and finances and installs solar across the NHT-Enterprise portfolio and other affordable housing owner portfolios. Kathleen also works with the asset management team to sustainably manage the NHT-Enterprise affordable housing portfolio.

Prior to working with NHT-Enterprise, Kathleen was an Environmental Specialist for the Maryland Environmental Service working in the GIS department. This work was focused on collecting and analyzing data to answer important environmental questions, specifically those related to climate change. Kathleen also has experience working with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and National Park Service is various project management roles.

Kathleen graduated from McDaniel College with a B.A. in Environmental Policy and Science. She also holds a Master’s degree from the University of Denver University College in Environmental Policy and Management.


Office: 202-333-8931*132