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Todd Nedwick

Housing and Energy Efficiency Director

Todd Nedwick is the National Housing Trust’s Housing and Energy Efficiency Policy Director. Todd leads NHT’s engagement with public and private stakeholders to advance the use of housing and energy resources for affordable housing. In particular, he has worked closely with national and state partners to develop and advocate best practices for using the Weatherization Assistance Program to improve the energy efficiency of multifamily housing. He currently directs NHT’s involvement in Energy Efficiency for All (EEFA).

Todd began his career in community development at the Local Initiatives Support Corporation’s Affordable Housing Preservation Initiative. There, he conducted a number of analyses for local LISC offices in order to assess the risk to the affordable housing stock posed by the impending expiration of federally assisted housing contracts. His work included using G.I.S. mapping software to understand the geographic impact of impending housing subsidy expirations.

Todd has two years of strategic communications experience, having served as a Program Manager for Radiant Communications. He has worked closely with many non-profit organizations to help them improve their advocacy strategies.

Todd holds a B.A. in Political Science from American University and a master’s in Public Policy with a concentration in Social Policy from the University of Maryland, School of Public Policy.


Office: 202-333-8931*128