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Todd Nedwick

Senior Director of Sustainability Policy

Todd Nedwick is the National Housing Trust’s Senior Director of Sustainability Policy. Todd leads NHT’s engagement with public and private stakeholders to advance the use of housing and energy resources for affordable housing. He currently directs NHT’s involvement in Energy Efficiency for All (EEFA). EEFA builds power to ensure that all renters live in homes that are affordable and healthy by uniting people from diverse sectors and backgrounds to collectively make multifamily affordable homes energy and water efficient. EEFA seeded and supports coalitions in 12 states that include a variety of housing, health, energy efficiency, environmental, and community advocacy organizations that have not typically worked together in the past. Together, our coalition partners work to ensure that utility, state, local, and federal entities provide equitable investment to improve the efficiency of affordable multifamily homes and advance proven best practices in efficiency program design and implementation to help meet the needs of affordable housing building owners and residents.

Todd holds a B.A. in Political Science from American University and a Master’s in Public Policy with a concentration in Social Policy from the University of Maryland, School of Public Policy.


Office: 202-333-8931*128