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Voices Out Loud: Julia Taylor 10.15.2019

Julia shares how having access to affordable housing helped save her from a living situation where her landlord would not repair the home that she rented.

Voices Out Loud: Emory Moore 10.15.2019

Emory, who is the president of the resident council, shares the lifestyle changes that come with retirement, and how having access to affordable housing helps mitigate those changes.

Voices Out Loud: Naomi Hamilton 8.26.2019

Born and raised in Gary, Indiana, Naomi Hamilton found herself homeless for five years after the birth of her daughter.

Voices Out Loud: Kenneth Beatenbough 8.26.2019

Originally from Riverdale, GA, Kenneth struggled with addition on and off for 10 years. Through his commitment to overcome his addition, Kenneth found his way to Phoenix House, where he learned he's been living with undiagnosed bipolar disorder.

Voices Out Loud: Brusette Ohe 8.26.2019

Once her children moved out, Brusette Ohe decided to look for a small place, just for her and the dog. Unfortunately, her options were limited, and she ended up living in dire circumstances for five years under a slumloard, unaware she had any other options.