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Voices Out Loud: Beverly "Jeanie" Jean Borden 4.8.2019

Beverly worked with Community Action Programs (CAP) for over 10 years to empower the poor and provide resources to low-income seniors. When bother her husband and parents fell ill, she made the decision to quit her job to care for them. Having access to affordable housing made that possible for her.

Voices Out Loud: Laura Nally 4.2.2019

Laura shares her experience working with Hurricane Katrina evacuees who were placed in Houston in 2005 and how working in affordable housing influenced her approach to health care today.

Voices Out Loud: Bill Marinelli 4.2.2019

Formerly homeless and living in his car, Bill shares his experience from losing his home, spending a winter in his car, and finally finding relief in the form of a friend's assertion that "veterans do not live in cars."

Voices Out Loud: Victoria Aarhus 2.27.2019

Victoria found herself in need of affordable housing after five back surgeries that rendered her unable to do her job as a nurse and the passing of her mother.

Voices Out Loud: Kathleen Palmer 2.27.2019

Kathleen is a single mother and found herself in need of affordable housing shortly after the birth of her daughter made it difficult for her to afford a stable home at the market rate.