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Voices Out Loud: Bill Marinelli 4.2.2019

Formerly homeless and living in his car, Bill shares his experience from losing his home, spending a winter in his car, and finally finding relief in the form of a friend's assertion that "veterans do not live in cars."

Voices Out Loud: Kathleen Palmer 2.27.2019

Kathleen is a single mother and found herself in need of affordable housing shortly after the birth of her daughter made it difficult for her to afford a stable home at the market rate.

Voices Out Loud: Robert Kiss 2.27.2019

Robert and his wife came to Kirby manor when his health deteriorated rendering him incapable of working his job and they could no longer afford the home that they lived in. Through his veteran’s support network, he was able to find his way to Kirby Manor in Cleveland.

Voices Out Loud: Tiffany Hunter 2.27.2019

Tiffany shares why being able to relocate to affordable housing has made it possible for her to be able to provide for her and her children despite the natural disaster that required them to start from scratch.

Voices out Loud: Brenda Montalvo 2.27.2019

After facing domestic violence and losing her home, Southpoint Crossing provided a home and stability for Brenda while raising her kids and battling cancer. Now she has the opportunity to move on to a new opportunity.