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Voices Out Loud: Robert Kiss 2.27.2019

Robert and his wife came to Kirby manor when his health deteriorated rendering him incapable of working his job and they could no longer afford the home that they lived in.

Voices Out Loud: Tiffany Hunter 2.27.2019

Tiffany shares why being able to relocate to affordable housing has made it possible for her to be able to provide for her and her children despite the natural disaster that required them to start from scratch.

Voices out Loud: Brenda Montalvo 2.27.2019

After facing domestic violence and losing her home, Southpoint Crossing provided a home and stability for Brenda while raising her kids and battling cancer. Now she has the opportunity to move on to a new opportunity.

Voices Out Loud: Miranda Jordan 2.21.2019

Miranda came to Castlewood Apartments in Davenport, Iowa a year ago with her son as a single mother looking to regain her bearings. This is her story.

Voices Out Loud: Michelle Lease 2.21.2019

Michelle, the Resident Services Coordinator at Mountainview Tower Apartments, breaks down stereotypes of people who live in affordable housing and encourages congressional members to understand the different nuances and services that it offers.