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Voices Out Loud: Brandee Wright 2.5.2019

Brandee came to OTRCH with her child after leaving an abusive relationship. Previously a child in the foster care system, she shares how having access to affordable housing has made economic mobility and education accessible when she had nowhere else to go.

Voices Out Loud: Keena Minifield 2.5.2019

Keena was born and raised in Northern Virginia’s Loudoun County, one of the wealthiest counties in the Country. When she first moved out on her own, Keena was shocked by how expensive everything was, struggling to find a job where she could make enough to simply cover the cost of rent, let alone utilities, food and other essentials.

Voices Out Loud: Chloe Butts 1.31.2019

Chloe and her son came to Harvard Village when the family they shared their house with moved to Texas. With the incoming mortgage and a gaping hole in their ability to pay for it, Chloe describes the situation as "quite a pickle." 

Voices Out Loud: Ricky Fitzpatrick 1.31.2019

Ricky is a Veteran who came to Harvard House after recovering from a gunshot wound that put him both out of work and out of a home. Ricky shares how having access to affordable housing after his recovery allowed him to get things back to normal again.

Voices Out Loud: Theora Beckman 1.31.2019

Theora came to Mountainview shortly after retiring. When her social security could not cover the mortgage and utilities on the  house that she previously lived in, Mountainview was the breath of relief that she needed to keep moving forward.