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Voices Out Loud: James Bowen Jr. 1.28.2019

James relies on medicaid and subsidized housing in order to afford his health care and a comfortable place to live. Without affordable housing, he tells us he would not be able to eat or pay for either. 

Voices out Loud: Quintonelle Allen 1.28.2019

Quintonelle is a mother of three and came to Oakley Square shortly after a bad experience with a slumlord. She shares her experience with affordable housing and how it has provided opportunities for her and her children that she would not have had access to otherwise. 

Voices Out Loud: Constance Beining 1.28.2019

Connie first came to Cumberland from Pennsylvania for a job. After a divorce she looked for an affordable housing community to raise her two sons in one of Maryland's poorest counties.

Voices out Loud: Tracey Lee 10.26.2018

Tracey is a native Washingtonian who lived in Southeast for most of her life. At first, her neighborhood was convenient and close to the metro. But later on, the surrounding area became a dangerous environment to raise children, so she quickly moved and found herself at Copeland Manor Co-op.

Voices Out Loud: Louyse Hardy 10.11.2018

Recently widowed in 2015, Louyse found a new home to call her own in Landfair. Shortly after, Hurricane Irma hit the community hard. Here is her story.