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Voices out Loud: Bill and Grether Ginorio 9.17.2018

When Grether contracted a fatal infection, she and her husband sold their possessions and left their home in Homestead, Florida to live with their daughter until her time came. When Grether miraculously recovered from her illness, their home was gone and they effectively found themselves homeless.

Voices out Loud: Sandie Richard 9.17.2018

Days after Sandie, pregnant at the time, and her family moved to Harvard House, her son was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease. Sandie now spends most of her time going back and forth to the hospital through her son's illness.

Voices out Loud: Kevin Franklin 9.14.2018

After Kevin was in a dangerous motorcycle accident resulting in numerous life-threatening injuries and a stroke, he spent over 2 months in the hospital. Although the fight for his life was over, a new fight had just begun -- to re-gain custody of his 3-year-old daughter.

Voices out Loud: Randi Horst 8.30.2018

As single mother of three teenagers who are all on the autism spectrum, Randi says having affordable rent is the base of feeling secure enough to take care of her children while not worrying about losing her home.

Voices out Loud: Juanita Penn 8.30.2018

Before coming to Briarcliff, Juanita lived in an apartment in Herndon Virginia, but described the rent as "outrageous," which limited her from being able to do anything else.