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Voices out Loud: Ebony Sheftall 8.30.2018

Ebony found herself homeless after a divorce and the foreclosure of her home. Today, she works as the Activities Coordinator at Southpoint Apartments in south Florida.

Voices out Loud: Lauren Neely 8.16.2018

Lauren, resident services coordinator at Hazel Hill Apartments, works to organize social and educational events for residents. A vital role, as she helps connect residents with opportunities they would not otherwise have access to.

Voices out Loud: Walter Littlejohn 8.1.2018

After his depression when diagnosed for years, Walter attempted suicide in 2001. Now, finanlly with a diagnosis and the support he receives from Phoenix House, Walter is working on bettering himself and becoming independent.

Voices Out Loud: Bertha Chisolm 8.1.2018

Before coming to Landfair Homes, Bertha and her seven children lived in a motel room for four long months after losing their home.

Voices Out Loud: Vivianna Harrison 7.5.2018

Vivianna, a mother of two, shared one bedroom with her children at her mother's house for years until she decided that she needed more independence. After less than a year at Belton Woods, she moved out of affordable housing into her own home.