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Voices Out Loud: Kenneth Beatenbough 8.26.2019

Originally from Riverdale, GA, Kenneth struggled with addition on and off for 10 years. Through his commitment to overcome his addition, Kenneth found his way to Phoenix House, where he learned he's been living with undiagnosed bipolar disorder.

Voices out Loud: Walter Littlejohn 8.1.2018

After his depression when diagnosed for years, Walter attempted suicide in 2001. Now, finanlly with a diagnosis and the support he receives from Phoenix House, Walter is working on bettering himself and becoming independent.

Voices Out Loud: Konswella Gilchrist 7.5.2018

Konswella is Program Director at Community Friendship and works to provide social and health services at Phoenix House in Atlanta, GA. She shares how supportive services at affordable housing communities are critical, and how they are a catalyst for many residents' growth and success.

Voices Out Loud: Denise Miller 7.5.2018

Shortly after her mother's death, Denise found herself homeless and in a world she was unfamiliar with. After an evaluation, her mentor told her about Phoenix House, where she currently lives today.

Voices Out Loud: Nam Nguyen 5.21.2018

Nam fled his home of Saigon in 1975, at the young age of 21 as the Vietnam War came to an end. Nam struggled to find work and stable housing in the United States, leading to an even larger struggle - mental illness. 

Voices Out Loud: Tashianna Curry 4.13.2018

Tashianna was kicked out her family home at the early age of 19 for being gay. She spent two years, homeless, on the streets of Atlanta, struggling to find affordable housing.

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