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Voices Out Loud: Brusette Ohe 8.26.2019

Once her children moved out, Brusette Ohe decided to look for a small place, just for her and the dog. Unfortunately, her options were limited, and she ended up living in dire circumstances for five years under a slumloard, unaware she had any other options.

Voices Out Loud: CPO Impact Resident Services 5.7.2019

This episode of Voices Out Loud features Regina Clemmons, the Director of Resident Services, and five residents of Community Properties of Ohio (CPO), an affiliate of Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing in Columbus, Ohio. 

Voices Out Loud: Beverly "Jeanie" Jean Borden 4.8.2019

Beverly worked with Community Action Programs (CAP) for over 10 years to empower the poor and provide resources to low-income seniors. When bother her husband and parents fell ill, she made the decision to quit her job to care for them. Having access to affordable housing made that possible for her.

Voices Out Loud: Kathleen Palmer 2.27.2019

Kathleen is a single mother and found herself in need of affordable housing shortly after the birth of her daughter made it difficult for her to afford a stable home at the market rate.

Voices Out Loud: Robert Kiss 2.27.2019

Robert and his wife came to Kirby manor when his health deteriorated rendering him incapable of working his job and they could no longer afford the home that they lived in. Through his veteran’s support network, he was able to find his way to Kirby Manor in Cleveland.

Voices Out Loud: Brandee Wright 2.5.2019

Brandee came to OTRCH with her child after leaving an abusive relationship. Previously a child in the foster care system, she shares how having access to affordable housing has made economic mobility and education accessible when she had nowhere else to go.

Voices Out Loud: Chloe Butts 1.31.2019

Chloe and her son came to Harvard Village when the family they shared their house with moved to Texas. With the incoming mortgage and a gaping hole in their ability to pay for it, Chloe describes the situation as "quite a pickle." 

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