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Voices Out Loud: Housing and Education 3.9.2020

Join Dr. Marceline Catlett, Superintendent of Fredericksburg City Public Schools, and Melissa Wells, Assistant Professor of Education at the University of Mary Washington, as they define the direct link between affordable housing and education in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Voices Out Loud: Jacqueline Walker 8.26.2019

Living in Fredericksburg, Virginia for more than 50 years, Jacqueline has worked in the food industry all her life. When she worked full-time, she was able to live on her own despite the high rental prices. Unfortunately, once she stopped working, Jacqueline struggled to find an affordable place to live.

Voices Out Loud: Addison Martin 4.8.2019

Addison came to Friendship Court with his mother and five siblings when he was 6. He shares how having access to a stable home impacted his childhood for the better.

Voices out Loud: Juanita Penn 8.30.2018

Before coming to Briarcliff, Juanita lived in an apartment in Herndon Virginia, but described the rent as "outrageous," which limited her from being able to do anything else.

Voices out Loud: Lauren Neely 8.16.2018

Lauren, resident services coordinator at Hazel Hill Apartments, works to organize social and educational events for residents. A vital role, as she helps connect residents with opportunities they would not otherwise have access to.

Voices Out Loud: Betrang Nguyen 5.21.2018

After her divorce, Betrang was kicked out of her home with her children, and with no where to go, ended up in a woman and children's shelter. As a part-time elder-care professional, Betrang struggled to find a safe home she could afford for her family.

Voices Out Loud: Saifullah Khan & (Fnu) Faizullah 4.13.2018

These two brothers were only teenagers in High School when they became linguists for the United States Army. After it became too dangerous for them to remain in their birthplace and home, Afghanistan, both Saifullah and Fnu were brought to the U.S. as refugees.

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