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NHT Updates

Dear Congress: Invest in Affordable Housing for Climate Change 6.29.2022

NHT is proud to sign on with 60 other organizations across the country and call on Congress to advance a comprehensive climate change package that includes investments to retrofit our nation’s rental homes to reduce energy costs and emissions and preserve affordable housing.

Read the full letter below:

Energy Efficiency for All Coalitions in New York and North Carolina Help Score Big Gains for Affordable Housing 8.10.2020

Energy Efficiency for All (EEFA) unites people from diverse sectors and backgrounds to collectively make multifamily housing energy and water-efficient so that all renters live in homes that are affordable and healthy.

NHT Launches new Programs for Residents as part of Covid Response  8.10.2020

Since the pandemic hit in March, NHT continues to work hard to meet the needs of our residents. In almost every way imaginable, the pandemic has exacerbated the disparities in healthy, stable living among the working poor. The disparities are even greater when looking at race. Over the last 5 months, NHT launched several programs in direct response to the pandemic.

HUD Disregards Public Comments & Plans to Undermine Fair Housing 8.6.2020

HUD's newly released rule, "Preserving Community and Neighborhood Choice," represents a dramatic step backwards in HUD’s legislatively mandated role in promoting fair housing and correcting the legacy of segregation and structural racism.

NHT and partners oppose HUD's Weakening of Nation's Fair Housing Responsibilities 7.27.2020

As affordable housing organizations committed to advancing equal access to decent, affordable housing, National Housing Trust and partners strongly oppose HUD’s termination of the AFFH rule.

NHT is Committed to Promoting Racial Justice through Housing, Resilience and Opportunity. 6.12.2020

The National Housing Trust stands in solidarity with Black Americans demanding an end to racial injustice. We remember those that have lost their lives to racial violence: Emmett Till, Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, among many. We are saddened to commit more names to memory: George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor. Racism is real and it’s long past time to confront the racial disparities that exist in all parts of our society, including housing. Black lives matter.