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NHT Updates

NHT's COVID-19 Response Principles 6.4.2020

Policy makers should ensure that families across the country maintain their homes through the crisis by reflecting these core principles.

Positioning Affordable Housing as Part of the System Solution 4.7.2017

The possibilities for collaborative civic partnership are abundant. We can and should make the connection between affordable housing and fundamental American values.

New Year, New Properties 4.7.2017

NHT-Enterprise is excited to announce the commencement of construction of New Park Apartments in West Hartford, Connecticut! NHT-Enterprise has partnered with Trout Brook Realty Advisors (TBRA), a subsidiary of the West Hartford Housing Authority (WHHA) on this new construction, mixed-use community.

Cash for Compost in Our Cities 4.7.2017

Until recently, composting was considered the domain of dedicated environmentally conscious gardeners in the suburbs. But that's changing. Washington D.C.'s curbside compost pickup program allows city dwellers to dispose of their organic waste in an environmentally responsible manner.

Are Low Income Housing Tax Credits in Jeopardy? 4.7.2017

The Low Income Housing Tax Credit (Housing Credit) is a proven tool for encouraging private investment in the production and preservation of affordable rental housing. With infrastructure changes and budget reform on the horizon, now is the time to send a powerful message to Congress and the Administration.

Nonprofits CAN take a stand, and are positioned to do so 4.7.2017

From our personal lives to our professional ones, for far too long we've been warned, "don't bring up politics" or "you have to stay neutral on this issue." Sometimes it's simply to avoid an argument with your obstinate uncle.  However, from time to time nonprofit organizations have assumed that they are legally barred from civic and political engagement.