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NHT Updates

President’s Message: Looking Ahead 2.11.2020

This time of your year is about gratitude and thanks. I am immensely grateful to our residents who grant us the privilege to offer them a home; to our partners for their support, inspiration and friendship to increase our impact through collaboration; and to our amazing team at NHT for the dedication, passion, and creativity they bring to our mission and our work. Thank you. 

NHT-Enterprise Fall Successes 4.7.2017

This fall has been a busy season for NHT-Enterprise with three closings!

Keeping Affordable Housing Healthy from the Ground, Up 4.7.2017

The National Housing Trust's healthy building materials initiate, in partnership with HAND and the Healthy Buildings Network, aims to create a built environment that is non-toxic and maintains the highest of air quality.

NHT-Enterprise Takes Home the "Timmy"! 4.7.2017

Monseñor Romero, an NHT-Enterprise property in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of Washington, D.C., was recognized by the National Housing & Rehabilitation Association at their annual J. Timothy Anderson Awards for Excellence at the Historic Rehabilitation ceremony in Boston.  The redeveloped community received the prestigious "Timmy" Award  "Achievement in Sustainability." 

No Red States, No Blue States: Solutions for All Americans 4.7.2017

Uncertainty is always unsettling. It will be a while before we fully understand the ramifications of the November results. However, we certainly know this: that our affordable housing and community development engagement-together with our partners in the field-has never been more essential.

The Dangers of Classifying Communities as "Low Opportunity" 4.7.2017

While it is important to evaluate access to opportunities, generalized categorizations such as "low opportunity "unintentionally create a hierarchy of worth, implying some places (and thus its people) are more valuable than others.