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NHT Updates

Dear Congress: Invest in Affordable Housing for Climate Change 8.16.2022

NHT is proud to sign on with 60 other organizations across the country and call on Congress to advance a comprehensive climate change package that includes investments to retrofit our nation’s rental homes to reduce energy costs and emissions and preserve affordable housing.

Read the full letter below:

Ready, Set... Compost! 4.7.2017

The National Housing Trust has cracked code on successful composting at our affordable multifamily housing communities. NHT's property, Monseñor Romero, is the first affordable multifamily housing in the District of Columbia to implement a building-wide composting program. The incentive-based approach - a little friendly competition between the floors -has the tenants excited to compost.

Lack of Section 8 is not Just About Poverty: It's About Race 4.7.2017

Being eligible for Section 8 does not guarantee that a poor household receives Section 8 assistance. Securing Section 8 assistance is more akin to winning a lottery. 75 percent of U.S. households who are eligible do not receive Section 8 assistance. More likely, the household is placed on a very long Godot-like "wait list."  And the household waits. And waits. And waits. The average wait time on such a list is years. Not months. Years.

Clean Power for All Policy Innovation Center Launches 4.7.2017

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 's Clean Power Plan (CPP) provides the first ever national protections against carbon pollution from existing power plants. The CPP presents a historic opportunity for investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy in affordable housing and low-income communities.

Two Convenings Held on the Health-Energy Efficiency Nexus in Multifamily Housing 4.7.2017

In September, the National Housing Trust worked with its Energy Efficiency for All partners,  The Green and Healthy Homes Initiative, and shared research on how unhealthy indoor air quality in low-income homes can exacerbate asthma and other chronic diseases, leading to missed work, missed school, emergency department visits, and repeat hospitalizations. 

No Rooftop? No Sun? No Problem: The Promise of Community Solar 4.7.2017

In the first quarter of 2016, solar made up approximately 2/3 of the new electric generating capacity installed in the US. Despite the US Solar Power Industry growing at snail's pace throughout the past several decades, solar power installation is now booming and the industry is maturing.