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NHT Updates

Ellen Lurie Hoffman Makes the Case for Affordable Housing 5.21.2019

NHT’s Federal Policy Director, Ellen Lurie Hoffman, provided incredibly compelling testimony on Capitol Hill to the T-HUD House Subcommittee earlier this month, outlining the importance of affordable housing across the nation.

Countdown to the Midterms: Housing Legislation Hangs in the Balance 10.22.2018

The outcome of the election will determine not just which party will have the majority in Congress for the next couple of years, but which policies will be prioritized, how goals will be defined, and who will assume or maintain leadership positions.

NHT Hosts First Resident Leadership Workshop 10.22.2018

NHT organized a Leadership Workshop as a training focusing on knowledge and resource sharing around affordable housing issues in Washington, D.C., with the goal of fostering community engagement and empowering residents.

Final GOTV Push 10.22.2018

As we near election day on November 6 (exactly two weeks away!), NHT is in the midst of our final Get out the Vote (GOTV) push to residents.

Staff Message: Affirm HUD’s Fair Housing Approach 9.24.2018

It is critically important that everyone who works to provide access to or protect resources for affordable housing takes time to comment to HUD on the ANPR, to prevent a lapse in fair housing protections or a retreat to subjective decisions about the use of federal resources.

Annika Awarded Midwest Energy News’ 40 Under 40 9.24.2018

Congratulations to NHT’s very own Annika Brink for being awarded Midwest Energy News’ 40 under 40 for 2018!