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NHT Updates

NHT Hails Bill to Eliminate Loss of Affordable Housing Through Qualified Contracts 8.8.2019

We are thrilled that this week, legislators introduced The Save Affordable Housing Act, a crucial piece of legislation needed to preserve irreplaceable affordable rental housing serving low-income families. Over the past two years, NHT has led the effort to build congressional understanding and support for this critical legislation.

Looking Ahead to 2019 11.13.2018

We are still analyzing the 2018 midterm election results, but one thing is clear: Change is coming to Washington and the face of Congress will look different than ever before.

Mass Place Organizes Successful Back to School Drive 11.13.2018

As summer came to a close this August, Mass Place began gearing up for its annual Back to School supply drive. Thanks to the overwhelming support and dedication of the community,  34 kids were served at the back-to-school party where donations were distributed.

REPORT: High Opportunity & Areas of Concentrated Poverty 11.13.2018

What does opportunity mean to you? What economic and social factors have a positive impact on one’s life outcome? And what neighborhood amenities should be considered when investing in affordable housing? Not surprisingly, there is no single, agreed upon answer to these questions. There are, however, trends in how state Housing Finance Agencies define and measure opportunity within the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (Housing Credit) program.

Countdown to the Midterms: Housing Legislation Hangs in the Balance 10.22.2018

The outcome of the election will determine not just which party will have the majority in Congress for the next couple of years, but which policies will be prioritized, how goals will be defined, and who will assume or maintain leadership positions.

NHT Hosts First Resident Leadership Workshop 10.22.2018

NHT organized a Leadership Workshop as a training focusing on knowledge and resource sharing around affordable housing issues in Washington, D.C., with the goal of fostering community engagement and empowering residents.