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NHT Updates

President's Message: January 2019 3.19.2019

It's hard to believe that I joined National Housing Trust a year ago! Time flies when you're having fun and indeed I am.

Promoting Economic Mobility Requires a Carrot, Not a Stick 4.18.2018

NHT is concerned that the "Reducing Poverty in America by Promoting Opportunity and Economic Mobility" Executive Order encourages HUD and other federal agencies to impose arbitrary and ill-advised work requirements upon individuals trying to make ends meet.

Michigan Affordable Housing Wins an Additional $4.25 Million for Efficiency 4.18.2018

Great things can happen when you have a seat at the table and a utility willing to think creatively about serving its affordable multifamily customers.

NHT’s Todd Nedwick Recognized in Grist Top 50! 4.18.2018

Congratulations to NHT Housing and Energy Efficiency Director Todd Nedwick, a 2018 Grist Top 50 award winner!

Voices Out Loud: Stories from Affordable Housing 4.18.2018

This month, Voices Out Loud highlights a story that NHT has only partially told in the past. The story of Afghani refugees Saifullah Khan and (Fnu) Faizullah.

President's Message: Discrimination Matters 3.26.2018

Data demonstrates that black men across the board earn less than their white male counterparts even when growing up with the same benefits including access to opportunity.