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NHT Updates

NHT's COVID-19 Response Principles 6.26.2020

Policy makers should ensure that families across the country maintain their homes through the crisis by reflecting these core principles.

NHT Seniors Rally (Again) to Preserve Their Home 5.21.2019

On May 8th, 25 senior residents from NHT Communities’ Mountainview Tower Apartments traveled more than three hours from their home in Cumberland, Maryland to the Senior Housing Now Rally on Capitol Hill, organized by Leading Age.

Well-Designed Homes Confer Health Benefits and Cost Savings on Residents 5.20.2019

An investment in making affordable housing healthy and energy-efficient adds to the resilience of a community and is an investment in long-term opportunities for residents, while simultaneously saving government dollars and healthcare costs.

To Fix School Segregation, Start with Housing 5.20.2019

When kids head back to school for the start of the 2019 school year,  more than 70 percent of black students will walk through the doors of a segregated school.

The Lack of Affordable Housing has an Impact on a Family’s Health — a Negative One 5.20.2019

As housing costs in Miami-Dade continue to skyrocket, too many around us are unable to find quality, affordable housing. It’s a challenge that exposes them to health hazards and limits their ability to meet other basic needs, including access to healthcare.

There's an Inextricable Link Between Housing and Health 5.20.2019

During the past election, there was much dialogue around the Affordable Care Act and safety-net programs such as Medicaid. Based on exit polls, there is a resounding recognition that covering the uninsured and protecting individuals from pre-existing conditions are vital for the health of our nation.